Amigo is ideally suited for seniors. No prior knowledge of computers is required; using Amigo is intuitive and can be learned in a few minutes.

Large icons in bright colors make it easy to access a wide range of functions, such as:

Video calls

Being able to see and speak to each other, at any moment of the day, whether nearby or from the other side of the world! Amigo is very simple to use. The family administrator will define on the AmigoClub portal who is authorized to get in touch with their mom or dad. No one else will bother them  For them to call you, from their Amigo, a touch on the “Call” button, select whom to speak (a photo is there to help) and soon after they are in touch with their beloved ones. And the other way around, when you call them, a ringing tone invites them to accept your call. So easy!


Photos and videos

Share you photos, wherever you are. Once your picture is uploaded on the AmigoClub portal, a message is automatically sent to the Amigo user. A simple click to accept it, and soon they will enjoy the picture or the video you have sent them.

When not in use, the Amigo becomes a revolving carousel photo frame, displaying all photos sent by your family and friends contact circle. What a joy to get to see the last pictures from the children and grand-children!


The full day programme shows clearly on the Amigo screen. Doctor’s appointments or care visits, outings with friends, birthdays, important moments that should not be forgotten: all these events can be set distantly by relatives, through the AmigoClub portal, including their timely reminders. And to make them more explicit, associate them with a pictogram, or even a video. Easy to do, very convenient and so reassuring!



Send the senior person simple e-mail messages from the AmigoClub portal or from your smartphone. Only authorized persons will be allowed to send him or her a message: no spam, no fishing attacks, no viruses, no threatening emails. A visual and audible warning alerts him of a new incoming message which he / she can answer, if he / she wishes to do so, using the keyboard displayed on the Amigo screen.


There is nothing easier than surfing the Web with the Amigo. A long list of information and entertainment web sites can be chosen from on the AmigoClub portal, from where certain parameters, such as size of characters, will also be set, to adjust to the Amigo user’s preferences.

No more getting lost in cyberspace: touch the “back” button, and, as for all menus on the Amigo, you are taken back to the Home screen. And for peace of mind, no spams, no intrusions, and no viruses: the Amigo user can indulge in a perfectly smooth and secure environment.



Memory, Solitaire, Quizzes and Hangman… The Amigo offers a range of games to play, exercise memory or maintain mental acuity, on your own, or with a member of your circle, through the AmigoClub portal. A wonderful way to spend good time together.


Medication reminders

For peace of mind for you and your loved one, administer medication reminders directly from the comfort of the AmigoClub portal.


Hello Grandma!

Send every morning a little « Hello » message, to be acknowledged by the Amigo user, by simply touching the Amigo screen. If he / she does not do it, you will be alerted by e-mail or SMS. You can then check and confirm that everything is all right.


Well taken care off

The AmigoClub portal is the communication hub through which family and friends share information: care treatments, sharing of tasks, various reminders. The senior person is now in very good hands, as never before!

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