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Today, Amigo is a family of tablets, in which each and everyone will find the product that best suits their needs.

  • Amigo Classic, for those who want a “very easy” tablet.
  • Amigo Connect, for those who want to combine simplicity and a rich set of functions.

These two tablets share a number of common features, you will find them below.

For more information about the Amigo Classic tablet, click here. And for Amigo Connect, it’s here.

A comparison chart for the two tablets is available here, enabling you to choose the one that best suits your needs or that of your parent.

Simple and secure

Amigo tablets are designed for those who want to get access to the online world, but do realize that in doing so they will face many recurring technical challenges, not withstanding the risks involved in a connected world.

With Amigo, the management of technical aspects such as system or application updates is handled by the Amigo team. These tasks, daunting for any user with little IT expertise,  will be manged in the background, making it look so simple. User-friendliness, a flawless anti-spam technique and the absence of technical messages are a guarantee of adoption, even by users with no prior IT experience, as confirmed by the growing number of Amigo users.


What if the family could also help?

Family, friends and caregivers can access a very user-friendly Internet portal, the Amigo portal, allowing them not only to communicate with seniors, but also to configure the Amigo parameters remotely, ensuring that the tablet is perfectly adapted to the needs and expectations of their users.

The portal can be accessed from your PC, tablet or smartphone, as shown in the picture on the left.

Discover the Amigo tablets

Medication reminders

Schedule medication reminders on the Amigo portal. Especially useful for seniors who need to take their medication on a regular basis.

Discover the Amigo tablets

Good morning!

Program an automatic good morning message every morning, to be acknowledged by the senior. If he/she does not do so, you will receive an e-mail alert. You can then decide to call him/her and confirm that everything is fine.

Discover the Amigo tablets

La famille aux petits soins

The Amigo portal is an exchange platform on which family and caregivers share information: treatments, task assignment, various reminders. The senior has never been so well looked after!

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