The Amigo Classic is the ideal tablet for seniors. No prior computer knowledge is required, the use of the Amigo is completely intuitive and can be learned quickly.

By clicking here, you will access the Amigo tablets comparator, which identifies the unique features of the Amigo Classic and the Amigo Connect. This will make it easier for you to find the tablet that best suits the user you have in mind.

The Amigo Classic is a tablet whose user-friendliness has made it popular with seniors who had no predisposition to cross the “digital divide”. Adjustable audio levels for ease of listening, with the possibility of an external Bluetooth speaker relay, size of characters that can be adjusted to the user’s eyesight, and even speech synthesis, highly appreciated by those with impaired vision, are among the features that are very appreciated. Not to mention its large, brightly coloured icons, which provide easy access to a wide range of functions, the main ones being described below.

Video calls

Seeing and speaking to each other, at any time of the day, whether you are nearby or on the other side of the planet! Amigo Classic is very easy to use. All you have to do is define on the Amigo portal who may contact the tablet user, he/she will not be disturbed by anyone else. To make a call, the user simply touches the “Call” button and selects the desired person. The video call starts when the called person accepts the incoming call.

When a call is initiated by a person in their network, from their account on the Amigo portal or from the app installed on their smartphone (available at the end of June), a ringing tone is heard and a visual message appears on the Amigo tablet display. A simple touch on the Amigo screen is all it takes to answer the video call.

Photos and videos


Share your photos and videos, wherever you are. Once you upload the photo or video to the Amigo portal, a message is automatically sent to the senior. A simple click of acceptance and the photo or video will be displayed on his / her screen.

And in its new version, the Amigo Classic also allows the user to take pictures that she will share with you!

When not in use, the Amigo Classic turns into an elegant photo frame that carousels the photos that have been received. What a pleasure for the Amigo tablet user to receive photos from children, grandchildren and friends!


The complete schedule for the day is clearly displayed on the Amigo Classic screen. Appointments with the doctor or home care, outings with friends, birthdays, reminders of important events: everything can be easily recorded in advance by the family and friends with, if necessary, audible and visual alerts at the desired time. You can even associate a pictogram with it. It’s easy, very convenient and most reassuring!




Send messages to the senior from the Amigo portal or from your own email program. The senior will only receive messages from authorized persons, those who are part of his circle of contacts, as defined by the tablet administrators. No spam, no scams, no viruses. A notification and a little audio tune will alert him/her of the arrival of a new message to which he/she can reply, if desired, using the touchscreen keyboard on the Amigo’s screen.


Surfing the Internet has never been as easy as with the Amigo Classic. The Amigo portal allows you to set Internet favorites from a long list of information and entertainment sites. No way to get lost on the web: the “Back” button always returns to the home screen, with a simple touch of the finger. Here again, no spam, no intrusions, no viruses: the senior navigates in a well managed environment.




Memory, Patience, Quiz, Connect Four, Hangman, Rummikub, Sudoku or Wordfeud. The Amigo offers a wide range of games to entertain oneself and exercise one’s memory or mental agility. Through the Amigo portal, family members and friends, members of the circle, will be able to play certain games from a distance with the tablet user: one more way to stay in touch and share good times.


Easy access to the latest news, sent automatically to the Amigo tablet, as they happen…




Your favorite radio station at the tap of your finger


… and for those who, perhaps already having some experience with a tablet or PC, are looking for a tablet, rich in features but without all the technical complications that come with it, take a close look at the Amigo Connect. It may be just what you need… More information by clicking here.

By clicking here, you will access the product comparator, which identifies the specific characteristics of the Amigo Classic and Amigo Connect.


Medication reminders

Schedule a medication reminder on the Amigo portal. Particularly useful for seniors who need to take their medicine on a regular basis.


Hello, Granny!

Send an automatic Good Morning message every morning, which the tablet user will have to acknowledge. If he/she does not do so, you will receive an e-mail alert so that you can call him/her and confirm that everything is fine.


Caring made easy!

The Amigo portal is an exchange platform on which family and caregivers share information: treatments, task distribution, various reminders. The senior has never been so well cared for!

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