For those who…

… are really not comfortable with the tools of the digital world, and who have probably never used them before. Amigo Classic is possibly the best choice for them.

… have had some previous experience with tablets and other computer tools, who find it very pleasant to be able to benefit from the richness of a tablet whilst knowing they can get a little help, from a distance, in the management of the more technical aspects of their tool.


Send and receive photos, emails, view videos that are sent to you, make video calls, manage a calendar, read the latest news of the day, and… surf the Internet.

To ensure ease of use, only a limited number of third-party apps can be installed on the Amigo Classic. These include Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, Transcribe, Netflix and Spotify.

Numerous apps are available: as a standard, e-mail, Internet, calendar, photos, video calls, a chat (real-time communication). And also the many third-party apps, such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.


The following games have been developed for the Amigo Classic to ensure ease of use: Memory, Patience, Rummikub, Quiz, Connect Four, Hangman, Sudoku and Wordfeud, a game that is similar to Scrabble.

A very large number of games developed by third parties can be downloaded directly from the Amigo App Store.

Configuring the tablet

The tablet parameters can be configured from the Amigo portal. For example: sound level, font size, Internet favorites, or management of persons allowed to interact with the tablet user, for being part of the tablet circle.

Parameters can be adjusted from the Amigo portal, with the help of a family member or directly on the tablet.

Who is allowed to interact with an Amigo tablet?

Only people in the circle of a tablet can interact with the Amigo Classic tablet user, sending an e-mail, photos, video or initiating a video call. This guarantees safety, absence of spams or ill-intentioned people contacting the tablet user.

Once the tablet user has determined who he would like to have in his circle of contacts, his children, who often assume the role of “administrators”, then have the possibility, from the portal, to invite these contacts to be part of it.

An e-mail can be sent to or received from any person. But only members of atblet user’s circle will be able to remotely modify the tablet settings, share photos or videos, make a video call, as per the rights assigned to them.

The Amigo Connect is therefore a much more standalone tablet. Its user does not need a third party to help him/her operate the tablet independently, in its basic functionalities. However, he/she can ask for help if desired.

Video calls

Anyone who is part of an Amigo tablet user’s circle is able to easily make a video call from their smartphone, tablet or PC to the Amigo tablet. The incoming video call on the tablet is accepted by touching the tablet screen.


Function not available.

Function available.

Chat is a “real-time” communication, similar to an SMS, whose conversation thread would appear as you and the other person exchange short messages.


Managed directly on the tablet or via the portal.

Note: Recurring calendar items (e. g. birthdays) can only be entered through the portal. The same applies to the edition of existing events.

Visually impaired

Voice synthesis, for those with visual impairments. On request, the Amigo Classic reads you received e-mails or the latest incoming news.

In development.


Roles can be assigned to persons who are in the circle of a tablet: communication, care and administration, each corresponding to certain access rights.

Des rôles peuvent être assignés aux personnes dans le cercle d’une tablette : communication, soins et administration, chacun correspondant à certains droits d’accès.


On both the Amigo Classic and Amigo Connect, members of a tablet circle with “Care” rights can schedule medication reminders or activate the Good Morning message. The Good Morning message will appear on the screen of the tablet user at a predefined time which you will have entered on the Amigo portal and if not acknowledged within a given amount of time, will e-mail you. This way, you can check that “everything is fine” with your beloved one, the user of an Amigo tablet.

Safety and security

No spams, all communications are secure, a non-authorised person will not be able to interact with the tablet user, to send him an e-mail, a photo or making a video call.

Amigo Connect offers the same security features as the Amigo Classic, provided you use the e-mail app installed by default on the tablet.


Function not available.

Printing is possible if the printer is Wi-Fi enabled for remote access. This is the case today for many wireless printers.

Product appearance

Wooden frame, a little vintage touch, the Amigo Classic tablet will have its place in the best place of the house, in the living room, or on a desk.

As an option, a protective case for the tablet, in the Amigo colours, very useful to protect it from shocks.

Technical updates

No more technical messages, updates are managed by the Amigo team, in the background.


The Amigo tablet, Classic or Connect, is a Samsung brand tablet. The exact model may change, depending on Samsung’s product policy.


Amigo tablets, Classic or Connect, can be ordered in Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G (mobile network) versions. You can find more information here.

The following accessories can be connected to an Amigo tablet via BlueTooth:

  • External keyboard.
  • External loudspeaker. It can also be connected via a jack jack (3.5 mm stereo).


At your service, 365 days a year, on working days, from 9h to 18 h (by phone and email).

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