Using a mobile data connection to connect to the Internet

The Amigo tablets, Classic or Connect, may connect to the Internet using a mobile data connection. If this is the option you chose, you will need to inform us that you wish to order the tablet with a SIM-card slot option once you have placed your order for the Wi-Fi standard tablet. The additional cost is 50 CHF.

We recommend you check the quality of the network signal at the place the tablet will be used. If you chose to use our SIM card, you can check the theoretical quality of Sunrise’ mobile signal by providing the address of the tablet user here.

Regarding the choice of a SIM-card, you have 2 options:

  1. You procure it from one of the mobile phone operators.
  2. Or you order ours, for a price of 12 CHF per month. Please note that this option is only available in Switzerland.

Here are its details: the proposed Flat 10 SIM card is a Sunrise mobile data network access card offering 10 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speeds. This has proven to be suitable for video calls on the Amigo tablets. A higher speed card, the Sim Card Flat 50, can be ordered with a speed of 50 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload for higher bandwidth, but at a higher price.

  • The amount of data is unlimited, provided that the usage is not unusually high over a long period of time. In such extreme cases, the mobile operator reserves the right to reduce the priority of the SIM card concerned.
  • The subscription to the SIM Card Flat 10 is CHF 12 per month.
  • Its invoicing is done with the quarterly subscription of the Amigo tablet.
  • The card activation fee is CHF 20, which is a one-off cost.
  • The card belongs to GoldenAge and must be returned to it at the end of the subscription if requested. In case of failure to return the card, the cost of 20 CHF will be charged.
  • Termination conditions are the same as for the Amigo tablet, the subscription ends one month after the announcement, at the end of the month. Example: you inform us that you want to cancel your Amigo subscription on 15 January.  The subscription ends at the end of February, including for the SIM card. Any unused amount is due and refunded to the customer pro rata the remaining months.
  • If during the trial period the client exercises his-her right to return the tablet according to our general terms and conditions available here, payment for the SIM card subscription is due for one month.

I would like to offer the Amigo tablet to my mother for her birthday. But my mother will take care of the subscription. Is that possible?

Yes, certainly. Complete your order and contact us on 058 255 02 01 (+41 58 255 02 01, if you are calling from abroad). We will do what is necessary to ensure that the payment instructions match your requirements.

Is it possible to connect an Amigo tablet to the Internet through the mobile network?

Yes, connecting an Amigo Classic or Amigo Connect tablet to the Internet can be done via the GSM / 3G / 4G / 4G+ mobile network.

Mobile phone operators offer competitive Internet connectivity solutions. When you subscribe to their service, you will receive a SIM card from them that you will insert into the Amigo tablet. Please ensure that this SIM card is unlocked, and can therefore be used on any device. We can also do this manipulation for you, if you wish, by sending us the SIM card that we will incorporate into your tablet.

Information about the SIM card option of an Amigo Classic or Amigo Connect tablet can be found here. If you order a SIM card from a mobile phone operator, make sure it is in Nano-SIM format.

Also do check that the location where the tablet will be used has good 3G or 4G / 4G+ network coverage . You can check this by using your smartphone from that location, and by analyzing the quality of the Internet connection.

There is also another solution for connecting to the mobile Internet, using a conventional Amigo Classic or Amigo Connect tablet: it is to put the SIM card you have received in a router (or hotspot), a small separate box, sold by mobile phone operators. These boxes then become a connection point to the mobile network, and communicate with a conventional Amigo tablet via Wi-Fi. Before ordering your SIM card from the mobile operator, you will check the required SIM card format for the router you will be using.

Do I need an Internet connection to be able to use the Amigo?

Yes, Internet and Wi-Fi connections are prerequisites to be able to use the Amigo.

Can an Amigo user surf the Internet from his / her Amigo?

Yes, the Amigo tablet makes it easy to navigate the Internet. From the Amigo portal, you can insert favorites (TV program, weather forecast etc.) so that the user can consult his favorite sites even more easily.

I already have a tablet. Can I use it instead of buying an Amigo?

No this is not possible: the Amigo application and hardware are closely linked to one another.

Where can I see the Amigo ?

Contact us by email and provide us with your postal address. We will inform you of the next forthcoming demonstration to be organized close to you.

What differentiates the Amigo from a traditional tablet?

The Amigo has been designed with seniors in mind. It is very simple and user-friendly thanks to its large and clear navigation buttons. Amigo is meant for persons with no prior computer experience, wanting to stay in touch with their friends and family. These in turn will interact with the Amigo user through the AmigoClub portal, a secure web site, accessible only to authorized members. The Amigo may also be personalized by caregivers in order to fit the senior person’ specific requirements.
The Amigo tablet will not show emails from unauthorized persons: no spams, no phishing, and no scams. It offers a fully personalized and secure communication environment.
A help line and support tools are in place to answer any questions an Amigo user or its circle of contact persons may have. And behind the scene, the AmigoClub team is constantly working on on-going maintenance and update activities, unnoticed by its users, to ensure a smooth operation.

Why do I need a subscription?

The Amigo is linked to a personal account stored on our servers. Data is encrypted and backed up daily. If something were to happen to an Amigo, data can be restored in seconds. We are constantly looking for new solutions and applications to make life easier for seniors. Our software protects users against spam, scams and annoying advertising emails by providing a sheltered and secure communication environment. The Amigo user will never have to update an application or any piece of software; we will take care of it, remotely, unnoticed by the user.

In addition, video calls to and from the Amigo tablet, which allow people to talk to each other while seeing each other, have a cost to our company. The subscription includes this service at no extra cost to the customer.

We design, develop and maintain the Amigo system with ease of use from a senior user’ s perspective as our primary concern.

What is the delivery time for an Amigo ?

The maximum delivery time should not be more than 5 working days, but the typical delivery time is 2 to 3 working days.

When can I terminate my AmigoClub subscription?

Should you decide to do so, you only need to call us, send us an email or get in touch with us through our web form. The minimum notice period is one month, starting from the end of the month when the notice was received by GoldenAge.

How can the Amigo contribute to better care for seniors?

You may manage an agenda, insert medication reminders, program daily “Hello” messages to be acknowledged by the Amigo user, share care documents with the circle of contact persons. And of course, each time you interact with the user, you can verify that he / she is doing well when video calling or emailing each other.

Can I install the Amigo on my own?

Yes, it is quite easy to do. Once turned on, the Amigo will guide you through the setup procedure. You can of course always call our help line if you get stuck in the configuration process.

Who does the Amigo belong to?

The Amigo belongs to the client, typically the Amigo user, who may use it as he / she so wishes, even if the subscription were to be terminated. In such case, the tablet can be reinitialized and used as a conventional tablet.


Vous avez une question ? Vous pouvez nous joindre par téléphone au 058 255 02 01 (si vous appelez en dehors de Suisse, composez le +41 58 255 02 01). Préféreriez-vous être rappelé ? Veuillez laisser vos coordonnées ci-dessous. Nous vous contacterons dès que possible.

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