Everything's there, including the access to the AmigoClub portal

The Amigo, Classic or Connect tablets, based on Samsung hardware, are priced at CHF 295. The subscription to the Amigo service, with access to the Amigo portal for two users, is offered for CHF 29.– per month (VAT included).
For prices in euros, please contact us.

Additional users
Providing access to additional users costs CHF 2.50 per month, per user. Beyond 4 additional users, access to the portal and full interaction with the Amigo user is free. The subscription price is therefore capped at CHF 39 per month.

Tested and adopted by seniors

Amigo is available today in other European countries, where it is enjoying a remarkable success. Would you like to inquire about this or that point, before deciding to offer the Amigo to your Mum or Dad?
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Installation support
Are you facing installation problems? Send us a message by email and tell us what the best time is to get in touch with you. We will gladly help you in setting up the Amigo for a smooth start. Ensure you have access to a wireless network.

Everything you need to know about the Amigo


The CHF 29.– monthly subscription includes the following:

  • Access to the secure and private workspaces, on the Amigo and on the AmigoClub portal (portal access for two users)
  • Remote access to configuration parameters of the Amigo, from the portal
  • Unlimited use of video calls, emails, games, news, photos, videos and calendar, as configured on the portal
  • Amigo offers a sheltered environment, with no spams, no viruses, nor intrusive messages
  • Applications and operating system upgrades are carried out in the background, with the user unaware of these ongoing changes
  • Alert and surveillance functions of the Amigo, such as the “Hello” message
  • A range of care functions such as medication reminders, care information and storage of shared documents
  • A private email address (exclusively accessible to authorized persons, as per configuration on the portal)
  • Technical support, 365 days a year
  • The possibility to add additional users, authorized to interact with the Amigo holder (CHF 2.50 per person and per month, but never more than CHF 10.– per month)

Your subscription to the AmigoClub includes:

  • The acquisition of the Amigo (Samsung tablet) in its wooden frame, for the price of CHF 295.–
  • The access to all functions in the web portal, for two users, for CHF 29.– per month
  • The possibility to invite additional users (CHF 2.50 per person, per month, but never more than CHF 10.– per month)

The Amigo and the portal interact in many different ways:

  • Video calls launched from the Amigo or from your PC, smartphone or tablet to the Amigo
  • Sharing of pictures and videos with the Amigo, photo album management
  • Possibility to like pictures received on the Amigo (“fun” button)
  • Sending and receiving emails on the Amigo, thanks to a private, secure email address
  • Possibility to add new users from the portal, authorized to interact with the Amigo holder
  • Configuration and consultation of the calendar
  • Playing games, on your own or remotely with you relatives

The Amigo opens up a range of opportunities for facilitating care from home:

  • Sharing care information
  • Sharing various types of documents (physiotherapy treatment, prescriptions, contact details of doctor and dentist, etc.)
  • Medication reminders
  • “Hello” message with SMS or email alert function, should it not be acknowledged within a given amount of time
  • Calendar of tasks, activities and appointments
  • The possibility to remotely set the triggering of the photo carousel function
Price and ordering

Medication reminders

For peace of mind for you and your loved one, administer medication reminders directly from the comfort of the AmigoClub portal.

Price and ordering

Hello Grandma!

Send every morning a little « Hello » message, to be acknowledged by the Amigo user, by simply touching the Amigo screen. If he / she does not do it, you will be alerted by e-mail or SMS. You can then check and confirm that everything is all right.

Price and ordering

Well taken care off

The AmigoClub portal is the communication hub through which family and friends share information: care treatments, sharing of tasks, various reminders. The senior person is now in very good hands, as never before!


Vous avez une question ? Vous pouvez nous joindre par téléphone au 058 255 02 01 (si vous appelez en dehors de Suisse, composez le +41 58 255 02 01). Préféreriez-vous être rappelé ? Veuillez laisser vos coordonnées ci-dessous. Nous vous contacterons dès que possible.

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